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What We Offer

UKLC lymphatic training enhances your skillset of therapies and demonstrates forward-thinking.

All our training is subject to educational scrutiny and has been developed over the last twenty years. Our robust training is quality assured and accredited to a high standard that is compliant and meets industry education for professional therapists and practitioners. 

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LIM - A new approach and understanding of how to effectively stimulate the lymphatic system have never been more important with today`s current health and immunity concerns.

BCA - Hands-on therapy to accelerate the natural healing process empowers clients on their cancer recovery journey and is essential for their good mental health and wellbeing after this devastating disease.

Lymphatic Integrated Massage

UKLC offers this new level three training as a necessary basic standard in lymphatic education.


This is our introductory course for all therapists, who wish to fully understand the lymphatic system.


An effective therapeutic application for maximum lymph stimulation. This introductory course will provide therapists with an improved knowledge base, and skill set, to enable them to provide a purposeful lymphatic drainage treatment.


Understand when the lymphatic system works efficiently and learn why and how to boost its movement and the fundamental differences between blood and lymph flow.


A two-part course of theory and practice results in an application to be integrated into an everyday massage, immune boost, or complement any other therapy application, or offer to clients as a must-have, stand-alone health treatment.

Breast Cancer Aftercare 

You need to complete the LIM course first.

A truly rewarding and exceptional aftercare skill set for any business. Lymphatic Pressure Therapy blends five essential elements to offer proven beneficial aftercare results for breast cancer clients on their road to recovery.


You will need to have a level three massage qualification, with one year`s experience in massage or client practice. Except for nurses, physiotherapists, or occupational therapists. 


Clients may be distressed or embarrassed by their condition, therefore, an excellent ‘bedside manner’ is essential. Applicants should be:

  • Caring and tactile with a strong desire to provide post-operative breast cancer care

  • Confident in their ability to provide excellent UKLC standards of care

  • Empathetic with good listening and communication skills

A three-part course over six months acquires a level five approved course and the ability to improve cancer patients' lives.

Wow, what amazing training - this is so different, yet understandably so and I never knew the lymphatic system would be so interesting.

Rosalind LIM

We are 70% water 
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