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What We Offer

UKLC training enhances your skillset and demonstrates forward-thinking.

Subject to educational scrutiny and has been developed over the last twenty years, our robust training is quality assured and accredited to a high standard that is compliant and meets industry education for professional therapists and practitioners. 

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LIM - A dynamic massage update for your approach and understanding of how to effectively stimulate the lymphatic system. This has never been more important in today`s current health and immunity concerns and boosts all your therapies.

A two-part level three course of theory and practice results in an application to be integrated into an everyday massage, immune boost, or complement any other therapy application, or offer to clients as a must-have, stand-alone health treatment.


Brief introduction of course content:

· Explains how the lymphatic system differs in blood circulation and how to make lymph move through the body with optimum efficiency

· Know why our lymph nodes are so remarkable, what they do, and how they do it

· Understand how stimulation of the lymphatic system introduces cleaner cellular health and relates to LIM application to many wellness benefits

· Enables you to discuss confidently with your client that improving the efficiency of the lymphatic system is vital for immunity

· Clarifies why the lymphatic system requires specific LIM techniques

· Demonstrates examples of how a dysfunctional lymphatic system can occur and how to recognise signs

· Implementation of the dynamic fifteen-minute, Lymphatic Integrated Massage routine in a safe, professional, and hygienic manner

Wow, what amazing training - this is so different, yet understandably so and I never knew the lymphatic system would be so interesting.

Rosalind LIM

We are 70% water 
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