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Lymphatic Health Online

Looking for continued support and self-care advice for your lymphatic condition or concerns? At UKLC, we offer online appointments with an experienced lymphatic therapist for just £25 per half-hour. Get the expert guidance and treatment you need to prevent deterioration and maintain your lymphatic health.

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What we offer...

To help you understand how important lymphatic healthcare is and know that there is currently little or no access to professional advice. LHO is now here for you offering this new service to bridge this gap.

Whether you suffer from recurring illnesses like tonsillitis and cellulitis, or you need an effective therapy for post-Covid recovery. Control of persistent swelling of face, arms, or ankles, and post-cancer aftercare for your lymphoedema concerns, essential information is now readily available from UKLC.

We can advise how to help you to improve your natural immunity for better health through lymphatic education, lymphatic exercise, and self-massage.


Any lymphatic swelling whether mild or severe needs attention to prevent deterioration from stagnation

 of toxic waste fluid within the body`s tissues 

enabling a faster healing process.

The following health conditions are directly linked to lymphatic malfunction and recurring symptoms can be relieved through professional advice and guidance. 

  • Swelling, oedema, or fluid retention on the body that is recurrent or will not reduce

  • Recurring tonsillitis, sinusitis, sore throats, puffy neck, and throat area or eyes

  • Oedema concerning swollen/painful breasts, bloated swollen abdominals with digestive issues, painful menstruation, swollen ankles, persistent coughing/clearing of the throat

  • Recurring cellulitis and post cellulitis oedema

  • Post-pregnancy recurring or painful mastitis

  • Menopausal symptoms of swelling or itching of the breasts, ankles, or legs

  • Post-operative restrictive movement in the hip's knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, or wrists

  • Post glandular fever with recurring symptoms, extreme tiredness, joint ache, and sore throat

  • Post-Covid recovery or long Covid symptoms not improving, breathing difficulty, or aching joints

  • Athletes or Gym Bunnies to improve your performance to train harder, reduce DOMS, and speed up recovery after a heavy training session, then remove your metabolic waste more efficiently

  • Natural Health Immune Stimulation for improvement, and maintenance, and your overall general health to

    • Boost your immunity

    • Reduce toxic waste fluid

    • Improve energy levels

    • New healthier, cleaner cells

    • Get a great clean feeling inside!

Lymphatic Health Online Vision

To make lymphatic healthcare and lymphoedema advice available to anyone who needs to know from an expert in this misunderstood area of our immune system.

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