Welcome to the UKLC and L-W-O Community 

Lymphatic Health Online

Our personal online appointment service for support and advice

 with professional guidance from an experienced lymphatic therapist,

enables you to gain access to the management of your lymphatic condition.

Offering you continued support through self-care of your

condition or lymphatic health concerns to prevent deterioration.

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What we offer...

Understanding how important lymphatic healthcare

is and also knowing there is currently no access

to professional advice, Yvette of UKLC and Gaynor

from LWO have started this Lymphatic Health

Online, as a new service to bridge this gap.

Whether you suffer from recurring illnesses like tonsillitis and cellulitis, or you need an effective therapy for post-Covid recovery. Control of persistent swelling of face, arms, or ankles, and post-cancer aftercare for your

lymphoedema concerns, essential information

is now readily available.

Experience in this complex system which needs specific understanding and knowledge to maximise its efficiency is on offer to keep it flowing to look after yourself and improve your lymphatic health.


Advising how to help you to improve your natural immunity for better health through lymphatic education,

lymphatic exercise and self-massage.


Any lymphatic swelling whether mild or severe needs attention to prevent deterioration from stagnation

 of toxic waste fluid within the body`s tissues

 enabling a faster healing process.

Lymphatic Health Online Vision

To make lymphatic healthcare and lymphoedema advice available to anyone who needs to know from an expert in this misunderstood area of our immune system.

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