About UKLC

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy

Was created over five years bringing together the missing link from post-op despondency to knowing there are trained therapists committed in breast cancer aftercare for much needed effective therapeutic recovery. 


UKLC Therapists

Once trained in Lymphatic Pressure Therapy* you become a Lymphatic Pressure Therapist and a registered UK Lymphology Clinic to use and display the UKLC logo indicating to clients and professional bodies that a high standard of training has been achieved. *must pass the final exam and does not apply to Lymphatic Integrated Massage training - only to those who have trained in breast cancer aftercare.


Lymphatic Essentials

Our dynamic short course in lymphatic integrated massage designed to enable a better understanding of the lymphatic system and the importance of its stimulation for optimum health and wellbeing. Lymphatic integrated massage, LIM, is only administered on lymphatic systems with no trauma or disruptions to pathways. This therapy is not suitable or available post-cancer but highly recommended for stressed clients.

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Hi, I'm Yvette Jordan, founder of UKLC

I have been a practicing therapist for over forty years and in 2006 I ventured into the world of lymphatics, lymphoedema, and cancer aftercare by training in level III CDT Lymphoedema Therapy at The Foëldi Klinik, Lymphology Hospital, Germany.

A City and Guilds teacher, and foundation Kinesiologist from my experience I`m known as a Lymphatic Specialist Practitioner having spent six years working in a GP surgery. And as a personal trainer, I specialise in pain management and post-operative recovery through the realignment of the musculoskeletal system. Effective lymphatic exercise helps remove swelling with a variety of lymphatic dysfunctional conditions to prevent deterioration.

I am the Think Tree Hub Subject Matter Expert for Lymphology and recently have the privilege of currently working with the British Masters Athletics Federation to help alleviate many lymphatic health issues. 

Alongside the UKLC lymphatic training courses, I am currently running the first Lymphatic Health Online service started jointly with Gaynor Leech to give access to those who need to speak to a professional about their lymphatic or lymphoedema concerns.

Meet The Team

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Juliette Cross

"Being able to make the difference to a breast cancer client in the way that Lymphatic Pressure Therapy does is absolutely incredible.


I am delighted to be part of this ground-breaking therapy and from experience, I am looking forward to new therapists being able to help many more of these clients who so deserve this amazing new therapy. I love the massage industry, I have also practiced Bowen and Reiki therapies for over 20 years.


I have really enjoyed the tranquillity and harmony that our industry brings and look forward to helping more people".

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Gaynor Leech
UKLC Patient Advocate

I started L-W-O Community in September 2013 and I have lived with Secondary Lymphoedema since May 2011.  After being diagnosed with lymphoedema, I spent two years researching and learning about my condition, and without meaning to, I had identified a need for more support in the UK. At that time, there were a couple of small online support groups for lymphoedema, and feeling the need to do more, L-W-O was borne.

I am very proud to be working with Yvette who is an experienced lymphoedema therapist as the UKLC`s patient advocate. With Yvette's support and knowledge, we launch this new lymphoedema online service. To offer instant access to a therapist and help so many more patients with this condition which affect 1 in 5 cancer survivors.

Now, wherever you live in the

world it is those of us that live with lymphoedema who have organised ourselves to help support each other and with UKLC and L-W-O Community we can offer this much needed access through the online service from

UK Lymphology Clinics.

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Anna Parsons

"I have seen huge improvements and such positive changes with my clients in this new therapy and I am so pleased to be able to offer this along with all my other therapies."


Client Testimonial

"It is four years since I had breast cancer and a double mastectomy, I didn't think that I would see any benefits from lymphatic treatment. However, the increased range of movement through my muscles is reawakening and has improved and subsequently my pain disappeared over the course of the programme, along with improvement in my overall well-being inspiring me to help others do the same”.

About UKLC

Immersed in the world of lymphoedema since 2006 and successfully treating many different forms of lymphatic health conditions, UKLC was created to help further knowledge and understanding of this relatively unknown therapy. Since then we have successfully trained therapists and our Breast Cancer Aftercare therapy has been proven to advance recovery, significantly improving the lives of cancer clients. We also have our beginners Level 3 introduction to lymphatics with Lymphatic Integrated Massage, an insightful and informative start on your journey bringing light to the importance of lymphatic healthcare.


UKLC is proud to be collaborating with Gaynor Leech founder of Lymph-What-Oedema. Gaynor is our new patient advocate for our new Lymphatic Health Online service. L-W-O (lymph-what-oedema) was founded by Gaynor in September 2013.  She says, "I am not an expert or medical professional but I have lived with lymphoedema since 2011.  However, I am very passionate about raising awareness of lymphoedema and proud to be the new patient advocate for Yvette of UKLC and our new Lymphatic Health Online. It will be such a bonus for anyone to be able to have this direct online contact with a lymphoedema professional like Yvette and is a huge step forward."

As the Lymphology Subject Matter Expert for the Think Tree Hub,  UKLC is working with the British Masters Athletics Federation to spread the word and improve the health and well-being of athletes.

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