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UKLC offers a professional lymphatic healthcare online service to help reduce the suffering of lymphatic health conditions and from our years of experience, we provide training for therapists in these proven methods of lymphatic techniques.


With over 42 years of clinical experience, we are now a provider of an online lymphatic health service giving access to virtual clinic appointments.


This unique lymphatic health online service will assist clients wanting to improve their lymphatic function, from athletes' ability for recovery and longevity to aftercare to empower survivorship, with lymphoedema prevention and recovery.

Professional therapist training is provided in London and online. Full details are currently available by following the link below.




What Our Clients Say....

"My range of movement has massively improved. I am so pleased as I can feel my shoulder and I am using it so much more. I have followed the exercises and I can certainly feel the difference."

Loren S - Crawley

"Excellent, after the first session I have sensation back and I can feel the change in my shoulder already. Flexibility difference is really noticeable and all muscles feel much looser, range of movements feels good!"

Elsie - Worthing

"The pain I was feeling was real and was affecting day to day life and I was feeling low in energy and mood. I had greater mobility in my shoulder joint, less pain and my balance had improved. I found all the exercises easier to do."

Anne M - Shoreham

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