Welcome to the UKLC Lymphatic Health Centre

Virtual Clinic

Online appointments offer support with professional advice and guidance for control of persistent swelling of limbs, post-cancer aftercare, and lymphoedema concerns. Natural immune health improvements and post-Covid recovery.

Reception UKLC Virtual Clinic 1.jpg
Reception UKLC Virtual Clinic 1.jpg

What we offer...

Access to an experienced lymphatic therapist for advice through self-care and management of your condition or lymphatic health concerns.

This system has complex routes that need specific understanding and knowledge to maximise and keep it flowing. Results can be instant but more so, they prevent deterioration from stagnation

of toxic waste fluid within the body`s tissues.

UKLC Vision

To make lymphatic healthcare and lymphoedema advice available to anyone who needs to know from an expert in this misunderstood area of our immune system.

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