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Lymphatic Pressure Therapy (LPT)

Lymphatic pressure therapy is a truly rewarding and exceptional therapy. This new and unique aftercare is administered to obtain optimum recovery. Currently practiced separately, Lymphatic Pressure Therapy joins together the five essential elements to offer maximum beneficial effect to breast cancer clients. By encouraging a better range of motion for restoration of muscle connection for mobility and balance, whilst encouraging lymphatic return for overall improvement.

What is Involved in LPT?

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy is designed to expertly assess, monitor, and initiate your optimum recovery, preventing deterioration, which may, in turn, cause further distress or ongoing discomfort.

LPT Sessions

Your therapy sessions are two hours long and a course of four sessions, one session per week is advised for maximum benefit and continuity, a total of eight hours. 

  • Posture and Gait                            

  • Range of Motion                              

  • Kinex™ Muscle Reconnection              

  • Lymphatic Pressure Pumping Massage

  • Lymphatic Pumping Home Exercises   

5 Elements of Recovery

Posture and Gait Assessment

All injuries to the body affect how our muscles keep our bones in balance. Correcting imbalance helps the body to prevent any future unnecessary complications from postural trauma postoperatively. 

Muscular Abilities with Range and Motion

Limitations creates room for improvement and full recovery potential.  We use a Goniometer to assess your movement.

Kinex™ Pressures

A new powerful muscular therapy that helps the body to speed up its post-operative re-connection process. It helps muscles to be used correctly again after the trauma of an operation and anaesthetic. The full use of muscles creates maximum lymphatic movement for the removal of waste fluid. This is essential for the lymphatic system which speeds up the body`s own ability to heal, improving range of motion for mobility recovery and movement.

Lymphatic Pressure Pumping Massage

Rhythmical pressure massage movements and manipulations work the lymphatic system to encourage fluid for optimum drainage, particularly important post-surgery as it helps to re-route lymph usually disrupted during surgery.

Specific Lymph Pumping Exercises

Guided exercises carried out with a small inflatable ball gives an understanding of the need to maintain a specifically designed lymphatic exercise programme, allowing clients continuous improvement at home.

During the recent pandemic clients successfully kept their own swelling at bay with these exercises. 

LPT Also Provides...

  • Self-help, maintenance, advice, and guidance to continue improved recovery.

  • An educational understanding of correct post-operative body movements for continuous recovery and how to prevent further deterioration.

  • Professional monitoring for reassurance that UKLC and your Lymphatic Pressure Therapist are there for you. 

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