Lymphatic Integrated Massage

Encouraging a new approach to effectively stimulate the lymphatic system has never been more important with today`s current health concerns. Any assistance to help the immune system is of paramount importance to a client's health and wellbeing. 


A Dynamic Lymphatic Treatment

Lymphatic Integrated Massage

Lymphatic integrated massage is a

new manual lymphatic application technique which instantly boosts lymphatic flow helping to improve the general health and well-being of clients.


All massage therapists can enhance their own therapies by offering this additional short dynamic lymphatic stimulation giving clients the penultimate health boost.

What Lymphatic Integrated Massage therapists say……

There are no plans available.

  • One session and my client has asked for it regularly!

  • All my therapies can now be more effective

  • Learning these techniques to incorporate into my business is so beneficial to the health of my clients, it`s on another level

  • Excellent training day, I felt very comfortable and at ease, just a lovely therapy to learn and it all makes sense - love it!

  • Wow, what amazing training - this is so different, yet understandably so and I never knew the lymphatic system would be so interesting

  • A client had been experiencing pain above her left breast for 30 years after one massage it completely disappeared - love helping my clients