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UKLC is pleased to announce the opening of our Lymphatic Health Centre in Unit 13, Birdham Pool Marina, PO20 7BG, near Chichester, West Sussex, UK.


We always look forward to being able to help and reduce suffering from those persistent and problematic lymphatic system health conditions.


With the addition of much-needed virtual online treatment appointments and personal training to complete the recovery process, we now have a wide range of skills to call upon to gain even better results.

Gaynor Leech

Lymphatic Health Centre

Patient Advocate

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UKLC Specialise in Lymphatic Health and Lymphoedema Therapy

UKLC combines forty years of massage with seventeen years in lymphology. 


From experience, we know that most lymphatic problems and conditions usually start very slowly and sometimes may not even be noticeable.

Whatever part of the body is affected by swelling, if it does not reduce and return to normal within two weeks it means it needs specific lymphatic treatment.


Treatments help the lymphatic system take away excess fluid build-up, this reduces the possibility of further problems arising from the trapped lymph fluid. If lymph fluid is left it eventually hardens affecting muscular movement and long-term deterioration of health.

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