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Summer is coming...stings or bites...

...and you can get bitten through compression or clothing.

From time to time we all experience insect bites or stings, but for someone who lives with lymphoedema being bitten can become a serious problem.  This could cause an increase in swelling which hopefully will only be short-lived.  Watch for the signs of infection, especially for those that experience cellulitis.  Check your skin daily and treat any bites immediately.  If you experience swelling, feel unwell, or run a temperature seek medical help as you may need antibiotics.

  • Wear an insect repellent especially if you are susceptible to being bitten

  • Wash the area of the bite or sting as soon as possible

  • Gently pat dry

  • Use an antiseptic

  • Do not scratch

  • Place a cold compress on the affected area - this may ease itching do apply if it itches rather than scratching

  • Drink plenty of water, to help eliminate toxins from your body

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Gaynor Leech UKLC Patient Advocate


Remember I am a patient, I learn as a patient, I read as a patient, I speak as a patient, and I write as a patient. 

Be part of our LWO community so that together we can achieve...

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LWO Community Vision

At no time was I told that the radiotherapy while killing off the cancer cells would cause another problem and I would end up being diagnosed with the lifelong and incurable condition of lymphoedema.  At the time of my diagnosis, there was little help, support, or information that would help me understand my new diagnosis. With disbelief and anger, I felt doomed. Anger turned into a passion to improve not only my life but the lives of other people who were diagnosed with lymphoedema.

L-W-O Community aims to encourage our members to make informed choices and encourage them to become their advocates. We could produce fact sheets, however, with this website you will find the information all in one place.  


Through our online posters and presentations, we can educate, inform, and raise awareness of lymphoedema. 

Gaynor Leech - Founder