Lymphatic Pressure Therapy for breast cancer aftercare what the patients say......


"My range of movement has massively improved. I am so pleased as I can feel my shoulder and I am using it so much more. I have followed the exercises and I can certainly feel the difference."

"Excellent, after first session I have sensation back and I can feel the change in my shoulder already. Flexibility difference really noticable all muscles feel much looser, range of movements feels good!"

"The pain I was feeling was real and was effecting day to day life and I was feeling low in energy and mood. I had greater mobility in my shoulder joint, less pain and my balance had improved. I found all the exercises easier to do."

“If I had had this treatment earlier it may have been even better. It is so different to physio.”

“My energy levels and mood had greatly improved. I feel this has made a huge difference to the way I feel overall.”

“Everything is easier now more relaxed in total. Wish this had been available at diagnosis.”

“Today, I experienced less pain overall. This therapy is definitely a great aftercare treatment.”

More movement and a lot easier, legs stronger. Can reach and generally feel stronger and less achy.

I`m using my arm more and it is not as painful as it was. Arm not as heavy as it was”

“So far I`ve noticed….reduction of swelling”

“Arm definitely feels better”

"Is a comfort to feel like you are doing something post surgery to avoid Lymphoedema and increase movement."

“Much improved motion and movement. Everything is easier now more relaxed in total.”

“I have greater mobility in my shoulder joint, less pain and my balance has improved.”

 “I am so pleased as I can feel my shoulder and I am using it so much more.”

“I am now able to do things that was (sic)* impossible before. I am now able to do up the back of my bra by myself. This has never been the case since my surgery. 3 years ago"

“I feel as though I have more strength in my left arm.”

"Treatment painless. Much more flexible"

Slept better after day 1 and 2 of the first treatment. Shoulder feels better (less painful for sleeping). A really positive outcome. I feel so much better. Thanks.

"I can feel a definate change in certain areas that were very tender at the beginning but are feeling better now. There has been quite a significant improvement in my range of motion in the last 3 weeks and I will continue to do my exercises."

"Feeling less emotional and now less painful plus greater range of movement."

"There has certainly has been improvements after the treatments which I am very pleased with."

"I felt that I did benefit from the treatment. Very pleased with the reduction."

"I could really feel the difference in my right shoulder. I felt very relaxed after each session and I feel like I have really benefitted from each treatment."

"This treatment has been great. So far I`ve noticed an improvement in my shoulder movement, and the reduction of swelling. The exercises have been helpful and I`m noticing small changes all the time.  Today, I experienced less pain overall. This therapy is definately a great aftercare treatment."

"I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity of this treatment. Most people I mention it to haven’t heard of it. Raised my awareness of the importance of exercising the arms and shoulders, continuing after surgery."

"So glad I did this treatment. I can feel my under arm not so much feeling of frozen arm. I would defiantly *(sic) recommend anyone with lymph nodes out to do this as it hash *(sic) helped me and feel easier movement."

"Shoulders were looser, felt good after treatment. I was unable to lay down on my back without hip pain. I can now."

"Saw osteo a week ago to do shoulders (routine) feels much looser underarm, feel  brighter and more movement visible. I didn`t find the exercises very easy."

"Moving and breathing in workshop on sat v.good."

"I have fouund the therapy both painful and helpful. The excersises are easier now but started off very difficult. The aftercare from breast cancer is scant. Leaflets are given but not follwed up."

"Since the last treatment it feels like improved range of motion easier and more movement"

"Feels more confident in using the arm. Arm  feels lighter - noticeably decreased pins and needles"

"Feels very comfortable and more mobile"

"Feeling of easiness, feeling generally weel and good"

"It made me feel empowered to take charge of my treatment, made me more aware of the muscles in that area. The muscles ache in the affected shoulder and arm, so I feel that I am stimulating the areas which have been stiff."

"I do feel more energised and movement is easier. I feel as tough I have more strength in my left arm."

"Shoulder not aching as much while doing the exercises."

*(sic) refers to patients own words


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