Breast Cancer Aftercare

Course Aims and Objectives:


Overall Aim

  • To develop and combine proactive healthcare skills addressing breast cancer aftercare recovery.

Overall Objectives

  • To deliver a new therapy called Lymphatic Pressure Therapy incorporating knowledge to therapists in the post-operative care of breast cancer clients.
  • To ensure therapists understand that breast cancer clients need safe and professional guidance in all areas of post-operative recovery.


1. Aim

Posture Assessment and Gait Analysis in relation to affected area of trauma for the prevention of future deterioration.



  • Observe and assess weaknesses and imbalances in a client`s posture and gait in relation to post-operative trauma on the affected side from breast cancer treatment.
  • Learn how to advise the correction of clients` postural Stance.
  • Direct, determine and appraise clients` gait.

2. Aim
Assess and evaluate the patient in the Range of Motion of the Shoulder Joint of the affected extremity with a Goniometer.


  •  Understand anatomical positions with directional muscular movement.
  •  Assess and instruct the patient to determine the range of motion of the shoulder girdle.
  •  Learn how to use the range of motion recording equipment called the Goniometer
  •  Understand how passive movement helps improve postoperative recovery in relation to the client’s awareness of muscular inactivity for lymphatic drainage.

3. Aim
Understand how the Lymphatic System works in relation to breast cancer clients.


  • Know the components of the lymphatic system and their functions.
  • Understand the differences between the lymphatic system and blood circulation.
  • Identify areas of watersheds and lymph node names pertaining to areas.
  • Understand how the lymphatic system moves through the body.
  • Understand lymphangioactivity and lymphoedema.

4. Aim
To safely and professionally administer the application of Kinex™ Pressures to anterior and posterior muscles of the shoulder girdle.


  • Understand and implement the Kinex™ pressures procedure.
  • Identify the benefits of Kinex™ pressures.
  • Preparation of a client for Kinex™ pressures.

5. Aim
Understand Lymphatic Pressure Pumping Massage technique as a procedure for maximum stimulation of Lymph Vessel diameter-led Lymphangioactivity.


  • Demonstrate the three pressure gradients of lymphatic pressure pumping massage.
  • Describe lymphatic pressure pumping movements and classifications.
  • Perform lymphatic pressure pumping routine procedure.


6. Aim
To understand the benefits of follow-up Lymphatic Pumping Exercise Routine.


  • Demonstrate and teach the client the eight different exercises using an inflatable ball.




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