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Everyone has a lymphatic system yet there seems to be very little understanding of this incredible part of our circulatory system. As part of our dedication to help bring about more awareness, please find below free downloadable PDF versions of the UKLC Study Room. Originally written for the (trade only) Massage World Magazine which has an essential source of exceptional therapist information. Two additional articles written for Holistic Health magazine have just been added.

Lymph and Blood Flow
Understanding the differences of lymph circulation and blood flow.
UKLC Study Room 1.pdf
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How Lymph Waste Becomes Clean
A brief look at filtering and cleaning through the lymphatic system.
UKLC Study Room 2.pdf
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Lymph, Immunity and Stress!
We are all malfunctioning! Stress really is deadly.
UKLC Study Room 3.pdf
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Understanding Lymph Nodes
The most fundamental part of the lymphatic system.
UKLC Study Room 4.pdf
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Lacteals and Swollen Abdominals
A swollen stomach is a sign of bad health.
UKLC Study Room 5.pdf
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Lymph Flow and Hydrostatic Pressure
Cankles and why they happen.
UKLC Study Room 6.pdf
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Breast Lymphatics
Essential breast health information.
UKLC Study Room 7.pdf
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Face and Neck Lymphatics
Improve Winter Health with lymphatic flow
UKLC Study Room 8.pdf
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Lymphatic Pressure Therapy
Breast cancer aftercare scientific results.
Study Room 9 .pdf
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Lymphatic Integrated Massage
Why this massage should be the go-to therapy.
UKLC Study Room 10 .pdf
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Articles below written for Holistic Health Magazine


Whether young or old you still need to have a lymphatic system that is working optimally and understanding about how it works is vital for good health.



Digestion causes a natural inflammatory response
What impact does poor gut health have on the lymph system and vice versa?
Gut health - lymph Yvette Jordan .pdf
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Getting Breast Wise
Essential information every woman needs to know
Getting Breast Wise HW magazine article.[...]
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