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Firstly we would like to say a very big "thank you" to everyone behind the scenes who have helped in the setting up of UKLC with a special mention for Denise Butler and her dedication to our cause. Additionally, Janet and Gavin at Balens Insurance who campaigned tirelessly for us to train therapists to look after breast cancer clients.


With little understanding of the lymphatic system which causes much distress when dysfunctional, UKLC is dedicated to improving lymphatic healthcare, education, and research. Our trained therapists provide outstanding, caring and professional therapies for clients and we offer advanced training for Breast Cancer Aftercare and a new short course, Lymphatic Integrated Massage.

For therapists we are a new advanced training provider in ground-breaking therapies, giving knowledge and understanding of the lymphatic system for those who want to confidently expand their careers in a new dimension.


For the public, we are a provider of new lymphatic therapies through our trained therapists to improve the health and flow of this vital immune system and also offer our proven breast cancer aftercare to improve survivorship and recovery from this devastating disease.


Lymphatic Pressure Therapy

Was created over five years bringing together the missing link from post-op despondency to knowing there are trained therapists committed in breast cancer aftercare for much needed effective therapeutic recovery. 


UKLC Therapists

Once trained in Lymphatic Pressure Therapy* you become a Lymphatic Pressure Therapist and a registered UK Lymphology Clinic to use and display the UKLC logo indicating to clients and professional bodies that a high standard of training has been achieved. *must pass final exam and does not apply to Lymphatic Integrated Massage training - only to those who have trained in breast cancer aftercare.


Lymphatic Essentials

Our dynamic short course in lymphatic integrated massage designed to enable a better understanding of the lymphatic system and the importance of its stimulation for optimum health and wellbeing. Lymphatic integrated massage, LIM, is only administered on lymphatic systems with no trauma or disruptions to pathways. This therapy is not suitable or available post-cancer but highly recommended for stressed clients.

UKLC Training Director

Yvette Jordan


Yvette Jordan, Founder and Training Director of UKLC, has been a practicing therapist for 39 years and 13 years ago, she trained in level III CDT Lymphoedema Therapy at The Foëldi Klinik, Lymphology Hospital, Germany. At that time there were no available courses at this level in the UK.


Yvette presently runs a private clinic in West Sussex, has volunteered for Look Good Feel Better for four years and runs the Worthing workshop as the Regional Co-ordinator. Additionally, she is a City and Guilds teacher, foundation Kinesiologist, a member of The British Lymphology Society and from her experience is known as a Lymphatic Specialist Practitioner.


Training massage therapists in Lymphatic Pressure Therapy to help breast cancer clients and advancing knowledge of new lymphatic applications in Lymphatic Essentials, she says "Having spent a lifetime working in this industry it gives me great pleasure in helping further the careers of massage and complementary therapists in this new area of essential healthcare, I am just sad that I can`t start my career all over again".


Testimonial from Andrea


When I found Yvette I was lost amongst a jungle of information and misinformation which I'd trawled the internet for as a recent ovarian cancer patient (now in remission).


My legs were becoming stiff, heavy and barrel-shaped and as my NHS appointment had not come through, I didn't know how long I'd have to wait to get some help. From the very first conversation, I had with Yvette I felt found. She is passionate about what she does and is so knowledgeable that she makes you instantly feel confident in her and comfortable with her.

I went to Yvette following a diagnosis of lymphedema due to pelvic lymph node removal and she told me very early on all about my condition but also told me that, with work, it was manageable. I had an initial 90-minute consultation with her followed by twice-weekly hour-long sessions for 4 weeks.

I was amazed that, even after the first session I felt relief and everything Yvette got me to do made sense,  Yvette doesn't just "do therapy", she teaches you about your condition and how to help yourself. The first thing she told me was that I wasn't walking properly, due to my scar site from major surgery, and then helped me fix it. I was suddenly walking more upright and with confidence. I had become disengaged from my core, Yvette helped me fix that too and this helped with everything I did. At the same time, she showed me how to help prevent my condition from progressing by doing specific exercises every day.

After the first week, I got my NHS appointment...with a 4-month wait! But things were improving, my tummy felt softer, my core became stronger and my leg (left one most affected) was responding so well that my trousers felt more comfortable and, after one particular visit, my ankle boot (which had been tight when I arrived due to a puffy ankle) was loose and easier to zip up. I now feel like me again and not a post-op patient.

I have no hesitation in recommending Yvette to anyone who needs help in her area of expertise...in fact, I already have, many times."


Yvette is able to treat all cancer patients and not just breast cancer.





UKLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Jo Johnson as the UKLC Clinical Lead Director.


 It is essential to have the guidance and expertise from a leading expert nurse at as UK Lymphology Clinics moves forward in the world of lymphology and breast cancer aftercare. Jo`s role will be an integral part of UKLC and her vast NHS experience imperative to future developments. Jo will also steer and support the clinical governance agenda, to enhance the provision of Lymphatic Pressure Therapy for breast cancer aftercare, as we work to improve UKLC training and continue to offer and maintain best practice standards.


UKLC would like to say a huge welcome to Jo as a valid member of our team. Sadly the COVID19 situation has put a stop to UKLC`s developments at this time but we wish to say that hopefully all things will resume soon.


Jo as a NHS menber of staff has been called to the front line and we wish her a safe return in the near future.

UKLC Assessor and Examinations Officer

Jeannie Rumble


"I am extremely fortunate to be part of UKLC which gives women another choice as part of their recovery."


Jeannie is passionate about natural healing food for health and has qualifications in IIHHT Massage, RSA Teaching, CSCT Counselling, and reflexology. SNHS Diploma in Holistic Nutrition,  passing with a Grade A Distinction.


UKLC Assessor and Examinations Officer

Juliette Cross


"Being able to make the difference to a breast cancer client in the way that Lymphatic Pressure Therapy does is absolutely incredible. I am delighted to be part of this ground-breaking therapy and from experience, I am looking forward to new therapists to help many more of these clients who so deserve this amazing new therapy." 


"I also love my massage, Bowen and Reiki therapies and for over 20 years have enjoyed the tranquility and harmony that our industry brings."




UKLC Assessor and Examinations Officer

Anna Parsons


"I have seen huge improvements and such positive changes with my clients in this new therapy I am so pleased to be able to offer this along with all my other therapies"

"As it is 4 years since I had breast cancer and subsequently a double mastectomy I didn't really think that I would see any benefits [in treatment with Anna]. However, the increased range of movement through the muscle "reawakening", especially in my shoulders, was considerable. What I had previously thought was the onset of arthritis in my shoulders giving pain and restricting movement improved and subsequently disappeared over the course of the programme.

I noticed an improvement in my overall feeling of wellbeing too.




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