UKLC Dedicated to improving lymphatic healthcare, education and research.
 UKLC Dedicated to improvinglymphatic healthcare, education and research.

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actively care about the health of your lymphatic system, naturally!

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A unique clinic dedicated to improving your health and well-being by specialising in the lymphatic system.

Improve your lymphatic system today to keep healthy and feeling good on the inside!

UKLC highly recommends Fitness by the Sea with Karolina

She is a specialist in women`s urinary problems, post-baby issues and so much more.

If you've got pelvic floor problems, things can be tricky, tough or really tough on a daily basis. I hear you,



UKLC home of Breast Cancer Aftercare

Dedicated to improving survivorship and recovery in breast cancer!

Lymphatic Pressure Therapy What the patients say...

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UKLC presents positive research at the 1st UK Lymphatic Science meeting 


Attended by Yvette Jordan, UKLC Training Director, and Anna Parsons UKLC from The Oak Tree Clinic, Worthing. With Professor Mortimer hosting, UKLC presented data research with `significant` proven improvements for Lymphatic Pressure Therapy which is fantastic news for our future therapists and breast cancer clients. Results outway our expectations and as a new therapy, it is a huge leap forward.



Breast awareness for healthier breasts

A self help lymph massage routine now available on YouTube.

UKLC Breast Wise

Reco Bra®

The only postoperative recovery bra you ever need. Quality design and excellence, recommended by top surgeons and UKLC our clients are very happy.

You can purchase and wear as your weekend or Monday bra!! Sooo.. comfy :-)


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New Lymphatic Massage



Facing Cancer With Confidence

(LGFB) is the only international cancer support charity that helps women and teenagers manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment. Having volunteered for LGFB for over 4 years, Yvette, founder of UKLC is Regional Co-ordinator for Worthing. She says,"I am extremely honored to have been given this opportunity of combining loving what I do with the exellent work of LGFB".



UK Lymphology Clinics are currently writing a regular Study Room page in the trade magazine Massage World.


With easy explanations we are introducing a new educational bite size approach to help therapists and anyone who wishes to understand and learn about the lymphatic system. Available to download.


UKLC Study Room Download



Lymphatic Integrated Massage

This amazing new lymphatic body massage technique can really help to improve the general health and well-being of all your clients.


All massage therapists can enhance their own therapies by offering this short dynamic lymphatic stimulation which gives the client the penultimate health boost finale.


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UKLC Mission Statement

Training in new therapies of the lymphatic system for those who want to confidently expand their careers in a new dimension to improve their client's health and wellbeing.

Member of BLS.



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